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Here's where we stand.

On this page you can see the accomplishments of Team Armageddon.

Congradulations of a 13th place finish
(sorry about the ranking mistake)

Tournament Placings

  1. Happy (Downfall)
  2. The Killerz
  3. Black Pearl
  4. Snafu
  5. Oddities
  6. Demons
  7. Team Commando
  8. Short Bus
  9. Black Rain
  10. Lost
  11. Fatal Rush
  12. Nemesis
  13. Team Armageddon
  14. Demons 2
  15. K-town Kaos
  16. Shockwave
  17. Team Danger
  18. Hybrid Dragon
  19. Spray
  20. ATA
  21. Swarm
  22. Paintballing Prodigies
  23. Under Doggs
  24. Nads
  25. Team Evolution
  26. Blu Ballerz
  27. Silent Assassins
  28. Team Disturbed
  29. Doomsday
  30. A New Kind of Army
  31. Rush
  32. The Ballers

Last Tournament

13th place - 5-man at BFG

Tournament History

ICE CUP 2004                - 1st place
MARCH 7TH 3-MAN       - 19th place
SPRING BREAK 3-MAN - 1st place
SPRING BREAK 5-MAN - 1st place
MAY 16TH 3-MAN          - 11th place
AUGUST 8TH 3-MAN      - 23rd place
DECEMBER 5TH 5-MAN - 13th place
JANUARY 9TH 3-MAN    - ????

Many of you parents have digital cameras these days. If you have some photos that you would like to have on the site, please e-mail them to me.

Currently looking for sponsors.  If you want to donate money or your company wants to sponsor Team Armageddon contact Doug at (262)-246-3248 or by email or just visit the forums and post in the sponsor topic.  We would like a couple of sponsors to cover the different things.  We need money for enterence fees, paint and other cash to run as a team.  We would be happy to advertise yoru business everywhere we play.  Just contact Doug for more info or if you are interested and would like to negociate a contract.